January 14, 2016 was my last day working for TouchVision.

40+ incredible people and I are on moving on to the next stage in our careers. I’m disappointed, sad and heartbroken. Not only because I and a great group of media professionals are out of a job, but because after hard work and determination I truly believe that we were hitting our stride as an organization.

Startup culture is fun, innovative and intense. It’s an environment that helps you grow but only as much as you put into it. We all busted our asses to create engaging content day in and day out. Ultimately, things that were out of our control led to the end of TouchVision.

I’m grateful for my time there. It was my first full-time job out of college and I worked with extremely talented people that helped me become a better journalist and person.

But now it’s time to move forward. TouchVision was a playground to experiment with new ideas and the skills and lessons I learned there are going to stay with me wherever I go next. I plan on finding something where my work has meaning and impact. A place where I can continue to grow and build upon my education and the experience I have. Whatever I do, I’ll keep moving forward.


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